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We Have the Most Wonderful Farm Visitors!

At the end of each day I can honestly say we have some of the coolest farm visitors on earth! During the daylight hours we have farm visitors that want to see alpacas and learn all things surrounding alpaca ownership. But the human farm visitors are only one piece of our lives. The spots [...]

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My Littlest Love

There are times when thoughts creep into my mind and simply will not go away.  They totally nag at me to take action and continue to spur me onward until I act on the instinct, regardless of how foolish I might feel afterward. Late one night, one such wild thought hit me.  We normally feed [...]

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Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

When we moved to this property in 2002, we literally had to cut through eighty years of wild forest to create pastures for the alpacas and in order to build barns near the existing home and its surrounding yard. We often heard unsettling nightly noises in the remaining forested areas that made us wonder what [...]

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The Sippie Cup Surprise

I am so blessed to have a grandchild in my life. Now that my own children are adults and they are enjoying their own lives and successes, it affords some very special time to spend with our grandson, watching his personality develop. It is sincerely an awesome experience and we cherish each moment spent with [...]

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Tons of Rain and Massive Flooding!

Believe me when I say I'm grateful for rain.  This is northern Texas where the heat index during July and August can cause cracks in the earth deep enough to bury tractors.  But this year we have already received our entire average annual rainfall and it's only May.  We are lucky to live in a [...]

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Gone But Never Forgotten

I’ve lost both my parents, grandparents, family members and a number of dear friends over the years but January 6 of this year ranked right up there with one of the worst days of my entire life. Our beloved 17-year old Siamese cat had to take her last trip to the vet’s office due to renal [...]

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My Peruvian Abundance In the Show Ring One Last Time

This is My Peruvian Abundance's last appearance in the show ring.  He was nine years old when he competed at the National Elite Alpaca Show in 2010.  He was awarded a blue ribbon in his individual class by AOA Certified Judge, Amanda Vandenbosh plus won the Color Championship in the White Huacaya Male Class - no [...]

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Alpacas LOVE Fresh Pastures!

Springtime in Texas can be such a fun adventure!  Everyone gets tired of cold winds and brown pastures, even alpacas!  It is so much fun to grab the video camera, open the gate to a freshly mown, green pasture and to watch the antics!  They absolutely LOVE going into fresh, green pastures!   [...]

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Another Gorgeous Sunrise!

I was awakened early this morning by the gentle rustling of tree limbs shuttering in the cold wind.  I shuffled my way into the kitchen and touched the brew button on the coffee maker then made my way into the darkness to find the television remote. It seems as though I repeat this early morning [...]

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Oh! He Really Hates Snakes!

I was in the kitchen, waiting for a fresh pot of coffee to finish brewing so I could enjoy another cup before going out to the barn. My back was turned but I heard Arlin’s footsteps as he came through the small hallway between the kitchen and dining room. The footsteps stopped about the same [...]

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