Dyeing with Wild Goldenrod

Using Wild Goldenrod as a fiber Dye I truly love using wild, natural plants for dye. Experimenting with common pasture plants can be so rewarding, especially if it’s a brand new adventure with plant material you have never used to dye with before. Yes, it is easier to purchase commercial dyes but where is [...]

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The Fiber Studio

Completed in June, 2013, my new fiber studio really is a dream come true in every way imaginable!  It required a lot of thought and a lot of planning but it has become a much needed "retreat" in my hectic life.  It's a place where creativity takes over and where passion fuels the flames of production. [...]

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Using Ironweed as a Natural Dye

If you are anything like me, you are always searching for plants or materials to use for natural dyes. It really is much easier to use commercial dyes and I really derive a great deal of satisfaction from their use. If used consistently and according to instructions, commercial dyes produce solid, predictable results and [...]

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