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The Fiber Studio

Completed in June, 2013, my new fiber studio really is a dream come true in every way imaginable!  It required a lot of thought and a lot of planning but it has become a much needed "retreat" in my hectic life.  It's a place where creativity takes over and where passion fuels the flames of production. [...]

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Picking and Blending During Fiber Processing

I had an awesome adventure in the fiber studio today! Although I have been commercially processing various fleece types and fibers for a very long time, I am always watching and listening for new ways to share my passion with others. In the process of creating meaningful and educational articles, I find fun new ways [...]

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After the Fleeces are Washed

I wash a lot of fleece here in the fiber studio. With a large herd of alpacas, the annual clip ranges from 800 to 1,000 pounds of fleece each year. In order to process that much fleece, there are obvious steps to be taken in order to make final, high-quality end products. Washing the fleece [...]

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Fleece & Fiber: Picking and Blending

it Starts with the Fleece! This is what 12 pounds of 100% alpaca in medium brown looks like when the picking room is filled to overflowing! Like me, many of my friends process fiber and fleeces at home with cottage industry equipment, then hand-spin their own yarn. I really enjoy being able to process [...]

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Learning to Identify Guard Hair

Are you able to accurately identify guard hair in a raw fleece?  Why is identification important? Guard hair is a tremendous negative for hand-spun yarn. Learn to identify it so it can be removed. If you are a fiber grower or producer, being able to identify guard hair is important to the future of your [...]

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Wow! Rug Yarn!

Hand-spinning my own yarn is a passion. But I also have a large configuration of fiber-processing equipment for the "instant gratification" side of me. I recently purchased a rug yarn attachment for the large carder and am thrilled with the new rug yarns being produced!  More news to follow very soon on this topic!

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